Bible Touch is a fast and intuitive application, great for the everyday user. Because Bible Touch only contains one version, it is one of the most affordable native Bible apps on the iTunes Store and Android Marketplace.

An Internet connection is NOT necessary to use this app! Aside from the ability to access the Bible in locations without WiFi or phone reception (airplanes, thick-walled interiors, churches, subways, etc.), this native application is significantly faster than web-based applications: perfect for keeping up with your pastor or teacher during sermons or classes.

Bible Touch also includes the following great features:

  • An easy to use jump-to-book function
  • User-defined bookmarks
  • Chapter view
  • Blazing-fast keyword search
  • Red-letter text
  • Continuous updates
  • Text size adjustment
  • English and Spanish localized user interface

Furthermore, when you purchase Bible Touch you will help us put a Bible in the hands of someone else. CrossComm is giving 10% of all net profits from Bible Touch to Samaritan's Purse to be used for its Bible distribution programs.

English, Spanish





Compatible with Android devices, iPod Touch, iPhone, & iPad.

Bible Touch NIV
Bible Touch includes standard Bible features such as:
  • A quick browse function
  • Bookmarks
  • Chapter view
  • A fast word or verse search
  • Red-letter text
  • Continuous updates